Industry 4.0

How digitalization transforms production and logistics.

Connected data streams are changing the world in which we live – from the way we communicate or search for information to our purchasing habits. For manufacturing companies, they represent a revolution: It’s what we call industry 4.0. Henkel is making use of these new possibilities to become faster, better and more sustainable.

After the steam engine and the assembly line, the computer brought about the third industrial revolution. Digitalization is now transforming the industrial process once more: Large quantities of data make it possible to generate precise predictions, performance can be mapped in real time, artificial intelligence replaces vast computing resources and modern robotics make people’s jobs easier. Work steps and components are digitally connected throughout the entire value creation chain – the “smart factory” is becoming a reality. Constant exchanges of data allow optimal resource planning and allocation. The work culture is changing too, as agility, flexibility and a “test-and-learn” philosophy replace rigid structures. New professions are emerging, and additional skills are brought to bear.

At Henkel, industry 4.0 is already in full swing. And the company will leverage projects and activities in this area further going forward – from planning, sourcing and production to the delivery of its products and solutions.

Fully automated production processes, a digital supply chain, drones, and sustainable transport systems – our vision of Supply Chain 4.0

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