A woman and two men collect plastic waste from the nature

We do everything we can to help people live better lives. Our social responsibility is to promote equity, strengthen diversity and respect human rights. We offer our employees lifelong learning opportunities, and an attractive and healthy working environment. We advocate for social progress and access to education worldwide, and we provide assistance in emergency situations.

Henkel Sustainability Film 2022_Support equity, education and wellbeing


Strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion, respect human rights and enhance the livelihoods of people.

Our policy of doing business in an ethical and legal manner is inseparably linked with respect for human rights, as well as respect for the customs, traditions and social values of the countries in which we operate. Diversity & Inclusion are a business imperative and form an integral part of our corporate culture. We are convinced that a diversified workforce, as well as an open and appreciative corporate culture, are important success factors in a globalized world. Our goal is to continuously increase the ratio of women in the company at all levels, and we have the ambition to achieve gender parity across all management levels by 2025.


Support lifelong learning and education, and motivate people to take action for sustainability.

When it comes to implementing our sustainability strategy, it is our people who make the difference – through their dedication, skills and knowledge. Because of this, we want to foster our people’s commitment to sustainability. And we have expanded our existing training offers to include a holistic engagement program. The objective is to comprehensively equip our employees with the knowledge, skills and mindset that are central to Henkel’s role as a leader in sustainability. We also seek to engage and empower them to become actively involved in sustainability in their work environment and in their private lives.

In addition, we are committed to further expanding our community education programmes. Forscherwelt is Henkel’s contribution to scientific literacy.


Foster health and wellbeing, and help drive social progress.

We promote the health and vitality of our employees to help create an agile, high-performance organization. To do so, we rely on globally uniform health and safety standards, and provide health and preventive care programs to guard against workplace risks and general health risks that could lead to illness. The broad range of health services offered at our sites has two aims: promoting our employees’ physical health, and maintaining their mental vitality.