Jan 24, 2024  Dubai

The initiative has grown into a global effort, engaging over 100,000 children worldwide

Henkel Continues to Spark Global STEM Research Excitement for Children Through “Forscherwelt” Initiative

Henkel, the driving force behind the innovative Forscherwelt initiative, is fostering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for children worldwide. In a groundbreaking move towards international collaboration, 13 Forscherwelt trainers and Henkel colleagues from the UAE and select Forscherwelt initiatives around the world gathered at Henkel’s Global headquarters in Düsseldorf.

With its regional headquarters in Dubai, Henkel has made significant strides by launching Forscherwelt in 2017 in collaboration with Dubai Municipality's edutainment entity, Children's City. This strategic partnership expanded the initiative's footprint, bringing hands-on science experiences to children in Dubai.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ute Krupp, Global Head Forscherwelt, the "Train the Trainer" workshop welcomed participants from the UAE, India, North America, China, Ukraine, Poland, and Italy, and unfolded as a dynamic 3-day immersion into new experiments and shared best practices with other Forscherwelt sites around the world. Trainers, temporarily assuming the role of students, not only refined teaching methodologies but also engaged in vibrant discussions and hands-on activities, embodying the Forscherwelt ethos of making science education thrilling and accessible for children.

The workshop sparked lively discussions on innovative teaching methodologies across different countries and best practices from different Forscherwelt locations around the world.

This meeting marked a transformative moment for the initiative, with three trainers from Children's City in Dubai participating to exchange knowledge and equip themselves with cutting-edge modules for the state-of-the-art Forscherwelt training facility located in Dubai Creek Park, Childrens’ City. Amina Ali Mohammad AlTawash, Fatma Ahmad Abdulla Khamis AlMheiri and Suad Mohamed Abdulrahman Ali AlBalooshi were among the trainers from Childrens’ City who took part in the training in Düsseldorf, on behalf of the Forscherwelt facility in Dubai.

Azmi Shams, Head of Corporate Communications GCC at Henkel, said: “Collaborating on our global Forscherwelt initiatives is a vital extension of our work to instill a passion for science in children and shape environmentally-conscious and responsible future leaders. I am grateful to the international delegations that joined the workshop and who share in our commitment to implementing these essential educational programs. Through Forscherwelt, we are united in our efforts to provide children with the building blocks to bring their ideas to life through experimentation and scientific literacy."

Despite diverse cultural backgrounds and varied teaching methods, the trainers united in their commitment to provide children with a sound STEM education. Dr. Ute Krupp shared her enthusiasm, stating: "This workshop demonstrated that, amidst diversity, we share one common goal: empowering children with a robust STEM education. Especially in these times, it is nice to see that we here at Henkel are collectively creating such positive momentum worldwide."

Suad Mohamed Abdulrahman Ali AlBalooshi, Trainer at Dubai Municipality’s Children’s City, commented: "Henkel’s Forscherwelt continues to inspire children in the UAE and globally to learn about STEM in a fun and engaging way that inspires the next generation to take up science-based subjects and, in some cases, careers. In our experience, STEM education nurtures critical thinking and analytical abilities essential for navigating an increasingly complex and technology-driven world. It is an honour to be part of an initiative that fosters intellectual curiosity in thousands of children across the world."

What began as a local endeavor in Dusseldorf, Germany, has now evolved into a dynamic global initiative, captivating the curiosity of over 100,000 children since its inception in April 2011. Henkel's Forscherwelt initiative remains at the forefront, breaking new ground in global collaboration and ensuring that children everywhere have access to a science education that is both impactful and truly engaging.

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