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Solutions from Henkel can be found in many objects that are manufactured, which touch our lives every day: cars, books and magazines, computers, aircraft, refrigerators, cell phones, furniture, textiles, packaging, and many more. Find out more about the markets we operate in.

Home, School & Office

Henkel offers a complete portfolio of highly innovative consumer brands which satisfy any household, school and office needs.

For more than 75 years, the name Henkel stands for innovation, leading quality and the highest levels of expertise in adhesives for Home, School & Office. Henkel and its leading brands can be found all over the world and enjoy high levels of awareness and trust in their respective categories and regions. All our products and brands share one guiding principle: Henkel makes life easier.

Do it yourself

Henkel has developed multifarious, customized and innovative adhesive and sealant solutions to satisfy the needs of the DIY market.

For more than 75 years, the name Henkel stands for innovation, leading quality and the highest levels of expertise in adhesives for DIY. Henkel's leading brands can be found all over the world and enjoy high levels of awareness and trust in their respective categories and regions. All our products and brands share one guiding principle: Henkel makes life easier.

Craftsmen & Professionals

Henkel provides a portfolio of Craftsmen brands designed to satisfy professional business needs for tiling & flooring, painting, woodworking and plumbing specialists tasks.

Henkel Adhesives offers a highly innovative portfolio of craftsmen brands specifically designed to satisfy professional business needs. Since 1876 Henkel services at best customer needs through advanced technology and partnering. Just click on the left hand side menu your desired needs and we will connect you to the specialist task page. We are also pleased to state that Henkel products endorse and perform in compliance with strict ecological standards.

Automotive & Transportation

Henkel is the key partner and solution provider in the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of cars & vehicles, aircraft and transportation systems.

Henkel’s high-performance adhesives and sealants create many opportunities to design and build advanced, lightweight constructions and enable seemingly conflicting aims such as higher speeds and lower fuel consumption.

Because of the early involvement in our customers’ design and development processes Henkel provides tailor-made solutions to market challenges and needs, enabling our customers to achieve competitive advantages as well as environmentally responsible and cost-effective operations.

We work closely with Automotive vehicle manufacturers to provide solutions that can meet the forthcoming Crash Safety & Emission Norms in India. For more details, click here.

Building, Construction & Furniture

More than ever before, the competitiveness of manufacturers and their suppliers depends on the use of modern production processes. By skillfully coordinating products, processes and services, it is possible to achieve higher quality, productivity and economic efficiency. The way how to put this into practice is shown by Henkel with adhesives and systems for the Building, Construction and Furniture Industry.

Henkel is an expert in decorative finishings and an enabler to generate new ideas in product design. Our adhesives for the Furniture Industry help our customers to improve both their efficiency and their sustainability.

Technology breadth, combined with application knowledge, diversified support and industry awareness make Henkel the global leader and supplier of choice for the Building Components Industry.

Within the Engineered Wood Business Henkel is your global partner for high product quality and professional technical support enabling our customers to be one step ahead in product development, design and safety in use of liquid PUR adhesives.


In the fast-paced electronics industry, product sophistication and manufacturing techniques evolve quickly. That is why so many top semiconductor and electronics assembly solutions firms rely on Henkel to deliver proven, reliable and compatible material solutions they need to stay competitive.

Henkel is the world’s leading and most progressive provider of qualified materials for semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and advanced soldering solutions. From wafer-level to board-level through to final assembly, Henkel is uniquely positioned to deliver world-class materials products, process expertise, and total solutions across the board to enable tomorrow’s electronic industry.

The breadth of Henkel’s product portfolio delivers cost-effective solutions for any manufacturing challenge, including adhesive pastes and films, encapsulants, display materials, inks and coatings, underfills and thermal management materials.

Energy & Utilities

Henkel offers superior adhesives, encapsulation materials and conformal coatings to address a wide variety of applications in the energy and utilities industries.

With a comprehensive product portfolio backed by decades of experience and technical support from a professional team, it’s no wonder that Henkel is a global leader and the preferred supplier to many of the largest manufacturers in the world. With expertise and products in both OEM design and facility maintenance, Henkel is able to offer a complete solution package.

Industrial Assembly

Every industrial assembly application carries its own set of challenges. Factors such as adhesive raw materials selection, temperature resistance, viscosity and curing time must be reviewed.

Regardless of the industry, Henkel adhesives are designed to solve problems, provide consistent, reliable performance and surpass customer expectations.

We have the teams, validation methods and network to bring the best solution to you. Our experienced field and engineering team can supply you with an optimized cost and technical solution. Our advanced trainings can be tailored to your specific needs to help you become an expert. With decades of materials development expertise, Henkel offers a wide range of assembly and protection materials for the industrial environment, including environmentally responsible materials.

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Serving industries around the world: A product for every application, from recognized brands that are field-tested and reliable. That’s what maintenance professionals have come to expect from Henkel.

Benefit from our competencies to achieve the best results for your maintenance and repair needs. Our products can help you increase reliability, improve safety, save time, and reduce costs.

Medical, Hygiene & Drug Delivery

The medical, hygiene and drug delivery engineers, specialists and chemists at Henkel realize that your product design solution is unique, so your adhesive solution must be as well.

Henkel’s technical expertise, low-risk partnership proposition, innovation philosophy, global support infrastructure and history as a leading formulator of market-leading materials ensure that we enable the future advancement of the medical device design and medical electronics industry.

In the Disposable Hygiene and Nonwovens industry our innovative products combine skin friendliness with high adhesion. Our customers can benefit from the largest R&D resources available in the adhesive industry. We train our customers both in our facilities and on their site to understand their needs and to share our adhesive know-how for optimal results.

Metal Processing

Henkel brings superior metal processing products together with application systems and top technology support, allowing our customers to maximize productivity while reducing costs.

For more than 50 years, Henkel has been a leading supplier of superior metal processing products, application systems, and expert-to-expert support. We enable our customers to maximize productivity with environmentally responsible and cost-effective operations. Our broad product portfolio includes rolling oils, machining lubricants, cleaners, pretreatments, and passivates that are used in many industries including the food & beverage container industry, steel manufacturing industry, and the automotive industry.

Packaging & Paper

Packaging plays an essential function for food and consumer goods companies. It not only provides the durability and strength required for protection and transport, but has become an integral part of on-shelf marketing. Henkel plays a key role on both fronts, from the adhesives used to produce the packaging to the coatings that make them stand out on a crowded store shelf.

Ever since the introduction of branded products and the appearance of self-service supermarkets, the packaging industry has gone from strength to strength. The technologies it uses are constantly changing and evolving – a process in which Henkel plays a key role. Modern product packages of course have a dual function: to protect the contents and to sell the product. Adhesives experts from Henkel provide the solutions so that the ideas of packaging designers can be turned into manufacturable packs.