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What attracts junior talent to the corporate career

Employees / People Digitalization Culture Future Nov 6, 2018

Comfortable red seating areas, plush gray carpets. A warm light coming from futuristic ceiling lamps brightens the open space. Small groups of people sit together in different corners. A soft murmur fills the room. In a quiet corner, Patrick Nativel can be spotted wearing a dark blue suit and a white shirt, with a cup of coffee in front of him and his laptop... on his lap. The focus room is where he goes when he really needs to concentrate.

Depending on the task, Patrick can sit in a “focus room”

Working in an open space office means free choice of places: Depending on the task, Patrick can sit in a “focus room” to work completely undisturbed.

Business Type

Quick, get out of that meeting, your colleagues are already waiting for you in the cafeteria. You’re the corporate type! You wouldn’t leave the house without a tie or a smart suit on. PowerPoint is your best friend, and you get a kick out of finally getting the green light for your ideas after countless feedback loops. You think before you act, approach things strategically and thereby create the stability and security necessary to help large companies develop successfully in the digital era.

Mixed Type

Mixing it up: Sneakers go great with a suit, too! You take the best from both worlds. You like corporate structures just as much as the cool startup mindset. Words like casual Friday, flexible work hours and home office are music to your ears. A relaxed company culture is equally as important to you as clearly defined responsibilities. You bring your own ideas to the table and also have the hands-on mentality needed to implement them. You could do your thing in a big corporation and in a startup alike.

Start-up Type

Lunch is served! Your feel good manager has already saved you a seat next to your buddies, because you’re the start-up type! You’re passionate about your product and don’t shy away from any challenge in order to take it to the next level. Every day, you head out to the office – your second home – in sneakers and a hoodie, with your MacBook tucked under one arm. You feel comfortable there because it lets you fully express your personality. Still, corporates also have a need for types like you because you’re a breath of fresh air for them!