Nov 13, 2018

A guest article by David Katz, Founder & CEO of The Plastic Bank

“We must turn off the faucet and continue to monetize waste, so it’s never discarded”

David Katz, Founder & CEO of The Plastic Bank

David Katz, Founder & CEO of The Plastic Bank

Infografic Plastic bank


To do this, The Plastic Bank is expanding into Brazil, Ethiopia, and Philippines, and soon to Indonesia and India. We invite corporations to purchase the Social Plastic® or purchase plastic offset. The increased value of Social Plastic® benefits the collectors. With about 10% of the world population living on less than $1.90 a day, there is still much work to do to reduce global poverty.

The Plastic Bank is creating a supply chain of social material that can be used for good throughout the world. But it’s our private partnership with Henkel to create abundance together that we’re most excited about because it is a good example of what can be achieved by joining forces.

As a result of our partnership, thousands of kilos of plastic will be extracted from the environment. The price increase for Social Plastic® will be passed on to those most vulnerable: Haitian mothers will benefit most including their children who can go to school or see a doctor.

We know that the shared experience of working together in Haiti will further our bond as we all steward the earth, its ocean and its people.

David Katz about why we need plastic, his future aspirations, and the role of “social plastic”