Jul 24, 2018  Dubai

New Beauty Care Laboratory in Dubai

Henkel opens first Beauty Care Lab in the Middle East

Henkel has officially inaugurated its first Beauty Care laboratory in the Middle East. As a further milestone of Henkel’s continuous investment in the region, the new facility provides state-of-the-art technology to innovate and test Beauty Care products tailored specifically for the consumers in the Middle East.

The new Beauty Care laboratory is the second Henkel lab in Dubai, with the first one being opened in 2013 for the Laundry & Home Care Business Unit. The facility is the latest addition to the global network of 22 major R&D centers.

“At Henkel Beauty Care we are constantly working on perfecting our products and services to accommodate to the specific needs of our customers and consumers across the world. The opening of our first Beauty Care laboratory in the Middle East will further strengthen our expertise and capabilities to cater to the important growth markets in this region,” explained Jens-Martin Schwärzler, Executive Vice President Beauty Care, during the inaugural event.

Malek Dardour, Cluster Head MEA Beauty Care Retail: “Dubai as a business and innovation hub serves as the ideal location for our new laboratory. The opening of the Lab is a significant milestone in advancing our regional product portfolio and highlights our commitment to the region with Dubai as a hub.” In a bid to further expand its R&D facilities globally, the company is investing into the new laboratory which is equipped with state of the art technologies to ensure that every product that reaches the customers meets the highest standards of quality and product formulas are abiding to local government and health regulations.

Maintaining leading positions in the market while preserving consumer trust, requires constant review of the product portfolios to continuously enhance formulas and excel consumers’ expectations. “With our new Satellite lab, we will be able to leverage the technologies innovated in our German central competence center. The presence of the Beauty Care Lab in the region will further facilitate local developments to cater specific MEA consumers’ needs while ensuring quality & regulatory compliance,” Olfa Aouida, Head of R&D MEA, Beauty Care added. In addition to its central research laboratories, Henkel maintains regional research and development sites in all regions around the world. Henkel’s R&D labs around the world are connected to each other and work together on fundamental processes as well as innovations and sustainability.

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Jens-Martin Schwärzler, Executive Vice President Beauty Care (third from right) and Olfa Aouida, Head of R&D MEA, Beauty Care (sixth from left) during the ribbon cutting.

Olfa Aouida, Head of R&D MEA, Beauty Care (middle) showcasing the facilities of the new lab.