Functional areas

The development opportunities at Henkel are as diverse as our products and technologies. 

Research & Development or Brand Management, Latin America or Asia, Consumer goods or industrial customer business – Henkel offers you an exceptionally diverse working environment. We are globally present in different countries, markets and sectors. This is why we provide numerous opportunities for you to get to know and be responsible for different tasks and areas during your career. 

What unites the Henkel employees: We want to give our best performance – with regard to products and technologies offered to our clients, as well as internal processes and tasks.What unites the Henkel employees: We want to give our best performance – with regard to products and technologies offered to our clients, as well as internal processes and tasks.What unites the Henkel employees: We want to give our best performance – with regard to products and technologies offered to our clients, as well as internal processes and tasks.What unites the Henkel employees: We want to give our best performance – with regard to products and technologies offered to our clients, as well as internal processes and tasks.What unites the Henkel employees: We want to give our best performance – with regard to products and technologies offered to our clients, as well as internal processes and tasks.What unites the Henkel employees: We want to give our best performance – with regard to products and technologies offered to our clients, as well as internal processes and tasks.

Our Business Units

Everyone knows our innovative brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf or Pattex. What many don’t know: The biggest part of Henkel’s turnover stems from the Adhesive Technologies business – technologies that are used in cars, wind turbines, airplanes or mobile phones, for instance. Adhesives have developed into a key technology and have become an integral part of our everyday life: furniture, diapers, wallpapers, packaging – there is a long list of things that wouldn’t be working without them. At the same time, these technologies significantly contribute to more environmental-sound production processes, which are also anchored in our sustainability strategy.

  • Adhesive Technologies
  • Beauty Care
  • Laundry & Home Care

High-tech products for airplanes or Pritt products for school use: Henkel is the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. This success is based on the employees of this business unit, Adhesive Technologies and a strong will to advance through innovations.

Learn more about the business unit Adhesive Technologies!

Schwarzkopf, Fa, Syoss: Our leading Beauty Care products are available in 150 countries worldwide. An inspiring working environment characterized by strong dynamics and innovative strength.

Learn more about the business unit Beauty Care

For consumers in more than 100 countries, our brand names have become an integral part of their daily lives. Behind this is the performance of a global team, which continuously redefines the washing and cleaning processes – while our products are using less and less water and energy.

Learn more about the business unit Laundry & Home Care

Our functional areas

Whether it’s marketing, sales, controlling, purchasing, research & development or audit – the development opportunities at Henkel are as diverse as our brands and technologies. If you want to, you have the chance to change your area of responsibility and even your industry every two to three years. All of this is possible due to the size and diversity of Henkel, based on a sustainable strategy and a strong focus on innovation.

Many of our functional areas are introduced here, but there are even more. Among our employees you will even find perfumers, chefs, doctors, firefighters and many others.

  • Finance & Controlling
  • Financial Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Digital Business (dx)
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Marketing (Brand Management)
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Research & Development
  • Packaging
  • Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
  • Production & Engineering
  • Strategy & Business Development

Finance & Controlling steers, controls and monitors all activities along the financial value chain and ensures that processes in the Financial Services division remain “best in class”: liquidity, risk management, tax optimization, currency management, interest management, quarterly and annual reports, investor relations.

Help us in our mission – and contribute to Henkel’s lasting success!

The tasks that Financial & Controlling encompass are as varied as our company. You could be:

  • working with us on projects to improve our international cash flow or to optimize the financing structure of our affiliated companies and joint ventures.
  • applying your analytical skills to acquisitions, spin-offs, and restructurings.
  • working on our transfer pricing system for material goods, intra-group services, and licenses.
  • even ensuring that our corporate accounting standards are being applied to best effect in our subsidiaries.

Getting started: Finance & Controlling

Whatever you fancy – we have exciting projects and challenges of an international corporation with all its variety of products, brands and markets. If you already have a firm command of theory and now it’s time for you to demonstrate your know-how, then Henkel is the right place for you to start a career in every possible financial discipline.

Regardless of whether you start with us as a newcomer in your field or seek to set off in new directions as an experienced professional, you will be actively engaged in no time with exciting projects and people from all over the world. As a result of the various challenges you will be confronted with and the training you will receive from us, you will experience rapid development. More than anything, however, you will learn that apart from our role as specialists, we also see ourselves as strategic advisors to management, who not only offer first-class financial reporting for top management but also contribute proactively to decision-making and, in that way, help to secure Henkel’s future success.

Financial Operations provides accounting to around 200 companies in more than 65 countries. We define our role as that of a strong local and regional business partner that fulfils every type of financial reporting in combination with control and monitoring functions. By maintaining a high level of quality and applying first-class end-to-end processes, we achieve optimal comprehensive solutions that meet the Henkel Group’s demanding quality and time requirements.

Join us on this path and experience what it means to take on the challenges of a global player with a broad spectrum of products, brands, and markets.

You can

  • become involved in the preparation of quarterly and annual reports according to local and international accounting principles.
  • provide information for business management or goal review purposes.
  • devote your efforts to risk management, disclosure duties and compliance requirements.
  • handle the entire process that begins with a purchase order and ends with receipt of payment.
  • or assume responsibility for entering, checking and paying external invoices.

We will help you with intensive preparation and training that promises success and a quick start in some fascinating subject areas. And if you are a recent college or university graduate, we will provide you with the same intensity of support to assure you of a successful start – and a continuously steep learning curve.

With a global and inspired team we contribute to a successful implementation of our strategy – especially with our core areas “Strong leadership”, “Talent and performance focus” and “Diverse teams”. With our global and business-oriented operational model, we establish a strong, proactive and sustainable HR organization.

  • Employer Branding & Recruitment
    For the global and economic success of our company, it is crucial to find talented and ambitious employees. We are looking for interested specialists to recruit and to employ on a long-term basis.
  • Talent Management Cycle (DRT): Talent Management is a global process. It involves different management development tools to ensure a well-structured assessment and development of our employees.
  • Leadership & People Development: In order to support the company’s strategy, Henkel’s Learning Management utilizes a first-class learning concept. Thereby, we support our employees to reach their potential, enabling them to provide outstanding performances.
  • Diversity & Inclusion: One important element for the company’s success is diversity. We are convinced that the multiple cultures and competences of our people are what make us understand our markets better. Diversity contributes to our creativity, innovation and economic strength.
  • Compensation & Benefits: Our remuneration policy complies with our strategic priorities and, thereby, strengthens our “winning culture”. Employees are promoted and rewarded for strong performances. This makes us a high-performance organization.  
  • Corporate Citizenship: We are aware that sustainability becomes increasingly important. This is why we want to play a part in contributing to that topic. We have identified the relevant ecological und social challenges along the value added chain – and structured them into five overarching focal areas.
  • Global HR Governance: HR Governance creates the basis to achieve strategic and operational objectives in HR. There are four essential core areas: Shared Service Center, HR Tools and Systems, HR Processes as well as the clear definition of roles and responsibilities. 

With Henkel Digital Business (dx) we are starting a brand-new chapter, uniting Digital, Business Process Management and IT expertise to solve the toughest business challenges, turning threats into opportunities. We are driven by our focus on megatrends such as Platform Economy, Consumer & Customer gravitation shift, Outcome-based Servitization and Lean-Fast-Simple. Focusing towards individual customer and consumer needs, we build digital and data-driven business models, to optimize, transform and disrupt. Together, in a strong unity of effort between our business and digital teams, we embark on the exciting journey that lies ahead of us.

Employees in the area of logistics are responsible for the organization of the supply chain (SC). Your task field encompasses the entire supply chain – from demand planning to distribution to the clients.

The Supply Chain Management at Henkel goes beyond the traditional boundaries.

  • For some clients we offer Vendor-Managed-Inventory (VMI), the supplier steered management of the inventory.
  • In order to optimize the processes in the supply chain, Henkel uses Supplier-Managed-Inventory (SMI). For that reason suppliers give us access to their stock evaluation data and demand data. 

Getting started: Supply Chain Management

At Henkel junior employees are working on different projects within Supply Chain Management (SCM), for example:

  • Establishment of processes with third-party suppliers
  • Composing of studies about the topic “make or buy”
  • General optimization of performance and monitoring
  • Demand planning
  • Customer service

The tasks of the supply chain management employees are the daily troubleshooting and the optimization of the supply chain and the embedded tools. The SCM team takes the function of a point of intersection to the areas of Purchasing, Production, Logistics and International Marketing.

Marketing at Henkel is very versatile:

B2C-Marketing: In the business units Laundry & Home and Beauty Care consumers are the main target group. This is a fast moving, competitive environment, where product innovations play a major role. In 2017,  over 40 percent of revenue in Beauty Care was generated by products which are on the market for three years or less, in Laundry & Home care it was 45 percent. Our brands are globally leading brands and have a high presence in the market.

B2B-Marketing: The business unit Adhesive Technologies works closely together with companies from the industry sector – a technology environment in which marketing experts keep a steady contact with the Research & Development department.

Our industry clients cover a huge bandwidth, from the renowned car companies to aircraft companies and electronics groups to sophisticated packaging solutions. With the help of our know-how we are an important partner for the development of the car of the future as well as for wind turbines of the future.

Depending on your experience and your preferences we offer different responsibilities for your entry in the marketing area of Henkel:

  • International Marketing is adjusted strategically. Here, international marketing strategies are developed, product innovations designed as well as advertising campaigns and product relaunches implemented. Work is characterized by an exciting mixture of analytics, conception and creativity. You are responsible for inter-disciplinary project teams and work closely with market research and external agencies. Your work sets trends in the market and with the product marketing mix you create the foundation for the successful work of colleagues in national marketing.
  • The National Marketing is responsible for the international marketing strategy to be implemented in the local market. Based on competitive analyzes and market data you are developing – together with sales – the promotion strategy to increase market share and to actively shape the market through skillful communication concepts. You work a lot in cross-functional teams. Your most important partners in this respect are the Supply Chain, Packaging Management, Sales or Market Research departments, and of course, our product developers. You control the creative and media agencies and control the optimum use of your media and communications budgets.
  • Digital Marketing bundles the expertise for all questions regarding the digital and online Brand Management. From apps via viral video concepts to intelligent integration of online campaigns in 360 ° communication concepts – there are hardly creativity limits set.
  • Shopper Marketing and Marked Research are brand comprehensive cross-functions. The employees analyze data, prepare panel results and deal, for example, with the buying behavior and different customer types. By processing complex information from trends and customer preferences, these experts play a key role in developing products and communication concepts to expand our market leadership.

The Sales department is responsible for our distribution channels and customer relationship management. 

  • Field Service combines clear objectives and a high scope for action. As an entrepreneur within the company you are responsible for a clearly defined area – you can work at home office and make you own hours.
  • Supported by our strong brands you have direct client contact and implement campaigns with store managers of trading companies. You will get direct response to your activities and can feel the success of your work and our strong brands.
  • Our employees at Key Account Management supervise our key accounts. The special attraction: the responsibility for large volumes – also across borders. In B2B-segments of Adhesive Technologies, this is often connected with the close collaboration with the product development of our customers.
  • Category Management supports Henkel’s Marketing and our external business partners. As an employee you develop strategies for the placement, promotion and portfolio of a distinct group of trading goods in a supermarket. While doing this you identify and use synergies of different Henkel brands.

Our key mission is to secure the best possible procurement outcomes globally by uniting the best sourcing solutions with Henkel’s economic and strategic goals. Besides the purchasing conditions, quality and reliability of our business partners play a significant role.

Help us accomplish our mission and experience the challenges of a global player that is a world leader in both mature and emerging markets in the B2B sector as well as the B2C-sector. No matter how you choose to apply yourself in our division, we have just the right challenge for you. The range of tasks we carry out here in Purchasing is every bit as broad as our company. They range from:

  • purchasing of raw materials, packaging supplies, traded goods, or made-to-order products
  • procuring indirect materials such as IT, technical supply or other services
  • building key strategic relationships with suppliers to help optimize our global sourcing process
  • aligning our sourcing strategies with the needs of our business units through key account management.

Getting started: Purchasing
Irrespective of your prior professional experience, an intensive course of training will have you actively involved in one of our fields of activity in no time. You will be taking on responsibility from your first day, working in teams with colleagues and suppliers from around the world, and gaining extensive insight into our business units and business fields.

By working to optimize procurement processes and purchase prices, you will be doing more than contributing directly to our bottom line – you will also be coming into contact with colleagues from every segment of our value chain. And you will be building a valuable network that extends around the globe – one that may provide the seeds for any number of opportunities, at home or abroad, as you continue along your career path – and we will help you along the way.

The scientists and engineers at Research & Development build the foundation for business success and undertake research in various areas.

  • They provide new ideas, giving answers to the needs of the customer of the future, in order to improve our brands and technologies globally. Thereby they create the basis in order to make our brands and technologies more successful globally.
  • You work in an interdisciplinary project team in virtual experiments with the help of computer simulation.
  • You develop innovative cosmetics with bioscience technology.
  • You design new pilot plants, which reduce the emission of a relevant polymer material to the use of ‘white biotechnology’. The goal is to give washing and dishwashing detergents a high cleaning power at a low water temperature.

Getting started: Research & Development

At Henkel junior employees will be integrated into research projects right from the beginning. During this time they will get the expert knowledge for further work at the laboratory, when they will organize, conduct and monitor their own projects. They keep up with the latest scientific procedures, in order to use and adapt relevant technology for Henkel. With training they will be prepared for a leading position as a project manager.

A packaging engineer at Henkel is allocated to an international product group. They design and develop new packaging components for products and implement them in the relevant markets. In addition, they are responsible for securing and optimizing existing components. A requirement for this position is thorough knowledge of plastic processing. A packaging engineer has to keep up with new developments, in order to keep our leading position with packaging design.

Strong trust in our company is the foundation for our entrepreneurial success, partnerships and customer relationships. Corporate Communications is responsible for the internal and external communication of the company. We aim at building and protecting Henkel’s reputation in the general public, as well as towards specific stakeholders including journalists and opinion leaders. In internal communications we provide our employees and executives with relevant information considering our corporate strategy and activities.

We act as a strategic partner and consultant of the top management, the business areas and functions and support them in conceiving and implementing professional communication.

With its global reach Corporate Communications steers communication in the most important regions and markets worldwide.

At the headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, Corporate Communications is organized in five main teams, which steer global tasks:

  • The team Corporate Branding & Communications Strategy shapes and strengthens the Henkel corporate brand globally, which includes the corporate brand strategy, corporate design and corporate brand activities. In addition, the team is responsible for different corporate publications, such as Henkel’s Annual Report or Sustainability Report as well as the digital stakeholder magazine “Spotlight” on our corporate website.
  • External Communications is in charge of the company’s communication with the press and media as well as other external stakeholders, like companies and associations. In addition, External Communications is responsible for the company’s social media & sponsoring activities.
  • Internal Communications informs and engages all employees and executives via various communication channels. They make sure topics and contents are in line with the corporate objectives and acts as a strategic consultant for professional communication within the company.
  • Digital Communications shapes the digital communications strategy & landscape of the Henkel umbrella brand on the internet and intranet. This comprises the steering channel & underlying platform strategies as well as the content marketing & management processes on Henkel’s websites, social media accounts and intranet. Digital Communications drives data-driven communications based on deep-dive analytics and digital upskilling & transformation with Corporate Communications & Public Affairs.   
  • The department Governmental Relations & Public Affairs is the interface between economy, politics and society. It supports the business areas and functions in working together with government agencies, public authorities as well as publically relevant stakeholders.

An engineer for methods engineering is allocated to an international product group. Within this group you are responsible for the standardization of processes and machines regarding state of the art technology in the area of filling plant technology. You are also responsible for the improvement of the performance and quality, as well as the implementation of new packaging. To optimize current processes and work more efficiently is the "secret" of many successful businesses. It is also becoming increasingly important for a sustainable, successful business management in the future.

As an employee in the area of Strategy & Business Development you support our top management to optimize the future business portfolio, identify areas of development and market potential – an exciting area, where you focus on the strategic direction of Henkel.

  • In order to further develop the business strategy, you analyze the company’s situation from an economic perspective.
  • You examine new markets for entry opportunities and check possible acquisition candidates
  • You analyze and observe different target groups.
  • You conceptualize and steer projects, in order to optimize operative excellence.

Getting started: Strategy & Business Development

In addition to an ambitious and energetic personality, as an employee in the area Strategy & Business Development you need exceptional analytic and conceptional abilities. Also you should be mobile – because a core theme of your business is the extension of our presence in emerging markets like Asia/Pacific, Middle East/Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.