Theramed cares since 1979 for healthy teeth, strong gum and a complete oral hygiene. All the performance you need in unique and convenient applications.

Theramed 2in1, the innovative combination of fluoride toothpaste and antibacterial mouthwash provides long-lasting freshness and complete protection. Theramed 2in1 is available in a handy package and in different variants.
The Theramed Dispenser comes in an extra-large size. Its dispenser form ensures extraordinary clean and hygienic dosage, so it is perfect for the whole family. The Theramed fluoride paste offers triple protection against caries, gingivitis and plaque, even protecting against the build-up of dental tartar.

Theramed Junior completes the range of toothpastes - for strong and healthy teeth from the start. Its formulas contain the fluoride level recommended by dentists to satisfy the needs of children's teeth at any age. Theramed Junior protects & strengthens the milk teeth of children between 1 and 6 years. Theramed Junior Perfect and Theramed 2in1 offers complete protection from plaque & cavities for kids older than 6 - for strong and healthy teeth at any age.