May 5, 2014  Düsseldorf / Germany

Adhesives Market Leader with Dedicated Food Safety Information Platform

Food Safe Packaging Portal Popular with Customers

A large number of food packages contain adhesives developed with Henkel’s renowned expertise and know-how, generating increased confidence among consumers and also, in particular, customers operating in the food industry. And now Henkel’s comprehensive knowledge platform – the Food Safe Packaging Portal – is celebrating its first anniversary as a rich source of information to decision-makers in the food industry.

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Food Safe Packaging forum

Henkel has now held six major Food Safe Packaging forums in Milan, Paris, Manchester, Chicago and Düsseldorf.

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The Food Safe Packaging Portal

The Food Safe Packaging Portal.

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Henkel informs about innovative packaging solutions with adhesives

Henkel informs about innovative packaging solutions with adhesives.

This Henkel initiative is designed for food safety officers, quality managers, packaging developers, purchasers and other stakeholders in the food industry, its sub-supply segments and the retail sector, providing them with essential insights into what makes a food packaging safe. The platform offering covers the entire production process along the value chain – because only with holistic solutions can real food safety be achieved. Having now held six major Food Safe Packaging forums in Milan, Paris, Manchester, Chicago and Düsseldorf, Henkel can boast real reach in informing experts from the food industry about future trends and solutions relevant to their needs and operations. The communication package to date has also included 15 webinars hosted by specialists from Henkel, numerous videos and almost two dozen informative whitepapers covering issues such as food safety legislation, risk assessment of materials, and innovative packaging solutions with adhesives.

At the center of the initiative is the website This combination of internet resource and program of live forums is further supplemented by information disseminated from Henkel’s exhibition stands at relevant trade shows and similar events. Almost from the moment it was launched, the platform has attracted a huge, positive response from customers, not to mention the trade press, further inspiring Henkel’s specialists to carry on driving advancement in the relevant issues as its Food Safe Packaging initiative enters its second year.

Hence the portal is being constantly expanded with further whitepapers, videos and webinars covering a constantly widening range of topics.

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