Interview with Shuhan

Being an intern at Henkel, what do you like most about it?
The answer to this question is the people here. Everyone here is willing to offer a helping hand when they find me struggling with my project. Not only my mentor, but also other team members, give me advice and point out a direction when I can’t find a solution to the problem. Besides, I feel that the people here are really united and I like the relaxing working environment here in Henkel.

What is the greatest learning you will take home after your internship at Henkel?
Probably the project and time management skills. During my internship, I had several projects in parallel. I had to prioritize the most urgent and important ones and had to check the project status to move on.

Do you consider Henkel as a future employer and why?
Yes, of course I’ll consider Henkel as a future employer. During my internship, I could feel that the management team values the potential of every employee. This will trigger my motivation and passion to work. The diversity of the company is another reason that makes me consider Henkel as a future employer.

What is the biggest fun factor while working at Henkel?
The biggest fun factor is working with people of different levels and different backgrounds. While working with them, I can find they have different ways of thinking due to different culture and experience.

What is unique about working at Henkel?
Most companies in Singapore are local people-dominant, but in ONE!GSC, the employees are from more than 10 countries. The experience working with people from various countries is quite unique, compared to my friends working in other multinationals.

Describe Henkel in three words.